Destinations for your food-trip in USA

If you are a food lover then you must love to travel to various different places famous for their food and taste. Taste of the food matters a lot for food lovers and they are ready to pay a good amount of money for good quality food. This is not even an issue if you are new to that place. Car rental services are available at alamo cvg airport 24 hrs a day almost everywhere especially in the busy state of USA. Just go to some rent a car office and get a car for yourself that can carry you to all of your favorite places with quality and good food.

Following are the best food travel destinations of USA.

•New Orleans.
•Ney York City
•San Francisco

Now we will discuss in detail what is the specialty of these places and why you must visit these places if you are a crazy food lover.

New Orleans

When you go to New Orleans, you must take a Food Walking Tour of the world’s famous French Quarter. It is a walking tour and you will be walking through the gorgeous streets and you will find a variety of foods and many different types of restaurants having all the different types of foods there.

Ney York City

Brooklyn half day food and culture tour in the most widely booked food tour in New York. Here you walk through the streets of New York. You will enjoy all the variety of food available there including Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, and other continental and fresh seafood. You can also enjoy the unicorn rolled ice cream. It is emerging as a New York City’s newest trend that a lot of people are amused with.


If you are a food lover and you go to Miami, then Little Havana Food and Walking Tour is the best option for you to enjoy the best food experience at a sunny place like Miami. Miami is famous for some of the specialties that are available only in Miami including frita burgers, Lime Smoothies, and Guava ice cream.


If you experience to visit Savannah, you must have a Savannah Culinary and Cultural Walking tour. Fried green tomatoes and she-crab soup are the specialties of Savannah. You will also get to know about the history of the famous food streets of Savannah.

San Francisco

If you visit San Francisco, then you should take Little Italy and North Beach Walking tour. Here you will also enjoy the traditional Italian fare in San Francisco. You tour guide will guide you with the famous places of San Francisco including the city’s largest farmers market. You will find the most famous delicious food halls with premium quality food that is their specialty.

What we concluded from the above discussion that you can enjoy the best food travel tours available in the different cities of USA that will help you enjoy a variety of unique and delicious food items with and also get to know about their history. If you wish to visit these places on your own, find some rent a car service within the city that provides rental 24 hrs services for your convenience.