Best Foods to Try In Surrey

If you wish to rent a car and travel through Surrey, be sure to experience the ambience and the foods to the maximum. Any experience is not worth it without good food to pair it with. With those amazing mountains and valleys and the views to accompany them, there are many restaurants and places that offer amazing foods that make your mouths water. The best way to truly explore and appreciate all that Surrey has to offer, make sure to rent a car and travel through all the nooks and streets and try all the local cuisines as well as the international food restaurants as you might be surprised with all the different variety and flavor packed foods that Surrey has to offer.

Some have to try foods in Surrey are:

• Guildford Sushi House

is a simple Japanese eatery with the best sushi you would have ever tasted and also available for takeout. Their specialty is in hand rolled sushi and nigiri that are a popular choice among the tourists and locals.

• My Shanti by Vikram Vij

is an Indian restaurant and a famous spot among the locals to enjoy good quality Indian food. The dishes are tasty and in high demand among both the Indian and the non Indian residents.

• Old Surrey Restaurant

is exactly what its name suggests i.e. an old Surrey restaurant as it was established in 1975. According to their website, they offer a nostalgic dining experience by taking you down the history lane but with food.

• New York New York Greek

offers you an amazing array of Greek food. We know that ironically, New York is famous for its wide range of restaurants for Greek food. However, you can have the same and even slightly better experience of Greek food right here in Surrey. They provide amazing Greek dishes, seafood, pasta, steaks etc. and a New York ambience.

• Shiela’s Bistro

uses the freshest and local grown ingredients with amazing dishes and the simple and rustic vibe. The dishes are beautiful and refreshing and the environment cozy and simple and be sure to make a pit stop here on your drive through Surrey.

• Morgans Restaurant

is a beautiful upscale restaurant ideal to wine and dine with their famous specialty of chicken and reviews say that their waffles are to die for.

• Kami Japanese Restaurant

is another upscale Japanese restaurant with a chic and stylish décor and attractive menu that makes it a popular choice among patrons. The restaurant has dim lighting and open dining areas that makes dining here all the more intimate.


• Kababji Grill on Croydon Drive in Surrey

is a famous Lebanese spot to eat. They have amazing reviews of their food and preparation and have wraps, shawarma and hummus packed in with amazing flavors and for people of all kinds of taste preferences.

• Green Lettuce

is another amazing place that is famous for its Indian style Chinese cuisine that makes it a perfect blend of both the cultures. The food and the ambience make it a popular choice among both the locals and the tourists.